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The Breathtaking Rice Terraces in Banaue, Ifugao

Rice fields/jungle hike in Banaue was one of the most impressive, intense, adventurous, dangerous, painful and beautiful experiences in my life!

If you add to this 3-day high-intense hike having permanently high guide from moma with us, the adventure can begin!

foot bridge in Banaue
backpack in front of rice terrace in the philippines
rice terrace philippines
Banaue Hiking
Banaue Rice Terraces

The several-day expedition behind the rice fields was extraordinarily adventurous.

In order not to fall into the abyss on one side, you grip onto the roots of the trees on the other side. All you think about is not to fall. No one would ever find you again. You focus on maintaining balance. The backpack you packed in euphoria weighs 12 kilos and extends over your head. You are swaying. You are praying. You are sweating. You are scared. Your foot slips. You feel your heart beating. Even your guide, who is high from moma, is afraid of you now. Few more jumps and you are out. You can move on. You exchange your backpacks with your boyfriend. It’s nice of him. It’s him now who has a problem with balance. The high guide puts another dose of moma under his tongue and laughs.

Now, stairs, lots of stairs. Natural ones and others made out of the mud in the rice fields. You are crying. You are agreeing in your head with your orthopedist who told you to go for a knee surgery instead of this intense hike. 

What a stupid idea!

You stop thinking, there is another viewpoint. You are smiling. You see the beauty.

What a great idea!

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