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What Are the 5 Best Instagram-Worthy Places in Siargao?

palm tree in Siargao

The island of Siargao in the Philippines is attracting more and more visitors these days. No wonder, not only is Siargao a surfer’s paradise (check out this article), but it also offers extraordinary experiences and places outside of the surf spots where you can relax, have fun and take beautiful pictures. Let me show you these Instagram-worthy places in Siargao right now!

The whole island of Siargao is beautiful. Regarding the most ‘instagrammable’ places, I recommend almost every corner and every turn on this beautiful island! But still, from the places we visited, the following came on top of the list:

1. Kawhagan Sandbar

We got on the Kawhagan Sandbar while doing an island hopping tour. This tour is so popular because you rent a boat with a guide who takes you to the most beautiful places out of the mainland. Your job is literally only to enjoy the ride and then hop out of the boat and have fun! The Island Hopping ends in most cases in Sugba Lagoon.

Plan almost a whole day for this. The distances between each station are actually not that close. And, if you want to really enjoy those amazing sandy beaches and paddleboard in Sugba Lagoon, you better plan for longer than to rush at the end.

Kawhagan Sandbar
Boats on Kawhagan Sandbar

2. Magpupungko Tidal and Rock Pools

This natural pool is located on the east side of Siargao. It’s about 1 hour by car. It will probably take you longer to get there though, as there are must-stop beautiful places on the way (for example, the coconut road mentioned below).

For an entrance fee 50 PHP which is not even 1€, you get an unforgettable experience. Keep in mind to come during the low tide, because when it is high tide, the water covers all of the fun out there. Plus, it is prohibited to go in the water during high tide.

We came a little bit early, so we had to wait for the low tide. Never mind – there are open markets on the beach with fried or sticky rice as well as bevarages (they were ready for us).

Also, it is not recommended to go too far from the pools due to safety reasons. We went to explore the area further from the pools right before the ocean started to come back. When we started to hear the roar of the ocean, waiting behind the dip ready to bring its powerful waves back, we were rather fast coming back to the shore.

Magpupungko Rock Pools are perfect for swimming, cliff-jumping and enjoying turquoise 3-meter-deep waters. For sure, you’ve already seen some epic GoPro video of people jumping from those rocks.

Magpupungko Tidal and Rock Pools
Natural Rock Pools

TIP: My advice would be to take your water shoes with you. The surface of the stones can be sometimes pretty sharp. There are also sea urchins attached to just about every rock. And, if you are planning to cliff-jump, you will need them for sure.

3. Coconut Road and Coconut Plantation

If you plan to travel around Siargao, I guarantee that you won’t miss this place. It’s situated on the north of General Luna. And, if you come from this site, you will first see the coconut plantation which is an endless forest of palms. Continuing further, you’ll arrive at the coconut road.

Siargao island is literally covered with palm trees. That is also why it is such a popular place among tourists. Siargao has this tropical vibe wherever you go. And of course, it’s perfect for taking pictures hah!

Coconut Plantation
Palm Road Siargao

4. Guyam Island

Guyam Island is part of one of the boat tours that depart near a surf spot known as the Cemetery. When we arrived at the dock, it was already too late to go island hopping that day, so we decided to visit only this one island. It turned out that it was an excellent idea because we caught the sunset!

Instagrammable place in SIargao Guyam Island
Instagrammable place in Siargao Guyam Island Bird View

5. Bent tree at General Luna

In case you don’t get to visit the iconic spot called the Maasin River where a bent tree is hanging above the water, don’t worry. There is a lot of these somewhat eye-catching palm trees all around the island. And we found one right on the beach walking not that far from General Luna. Still pretty instagrammable!

Bent Tree General Luna

That’s all for this list. Have fun exploring new places that would fit on this post!

If you are planning your trip to Siargao or the Philippines, check out the Phillipino tourism board or their Instagram!

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